I am Kayla LaFrance - I am the Titan King


I live my dream every day at Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX. After 18 years of dreaming and dedication, I now have the joy of working with manned space flight. I currently work as a contractor for NASA in the Flight Operations Directorate. My position as an ISO (Inventory and Storage Officer) Flight Controller for Mission Control allows me to work everyday to support our astronauts onboard the ISS. My future is wide open and I hope to find myself as a Flight Director, finishing my education with a Phd, and helping design the new mission ops concepts for future Mars Missions. 

A career goal of mine is to share my passion for human space flight and to engage the public in the value of science and technology.  I grew passionate for astronomy and space flight at a young age and quickly joined the local astronomy club. While learning the ropes about astronomy and telescopes I would spend a lot of time working the outreach events that the club participated in. From the national Astronomy day to public viewings, I learned that I loved to share with others and to help them find their own excitement and passion for the stars above.

I went from nights at the telescope and summers spent at space camps to years of college and research. I graduated with a MS in Space Studies, a BS in Engineering Physics, and Minors in Mathematics and Public Relations. My research at my NASA Ames internship and my research at UND all revolved around my dream to be a part of manned exploration of Mars!

My life is not all about space. I love being a nerd and all that goes with the territory - comic book collections, costumes, and conventions. I am a die-hard hockey fanatic who loves to play as well as watch. And I also have a love of cars that often places me under the hood. So never be surprised to find grease under my nails. 

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