• Nerd War: The teams present working model volcanos at the King of the Nerds Science Fair. The teams' performances are evaluated on the soundness of their science, their chemical reactions, and the creativity of their presentations by a judging panel consisting of science educator Bill Nye, 2011 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair winner Blake Marggraff, and The Big Bang Theory actress Mayim Bialik.
    • Reward: The winners get to spend one-on-one time with Bill Nye.
  • Nerd-Off: Two contestants are tested on their knowledge of anatomy in an alien autopsy challenge. As the hosts describe the function of a human organ, the players race to extract its alien equivalent from their respective cadavers. The first person to score three points is declared the winner.


It is episode two and the two teams are tied with five Nerds each. The Titans of Rigel are looking to stand tall and untied in order to win. No one on the purple team wants to face the Nerd-Off again this week. The Nerds are called out for the introduction of this weeks Nerd War. The challenge this week is for the two teams to create a working volcano model for the Nerdvana Science Fair. The teams will be judge on their creativity, the science in their presentation, and the design of their volcanoes.

With the challenge laid out before them the two teams ran off to their war rooms to begin the mission. Midas Touch Attack quickly jumps on their idea of using Mordor form Lord of the Rings as their analogue. The Titans of Rigel has a slower start, eventually settling on the Yellowstone super volcano set in a post apocalyptic setting for theirs. The Titans have some conflict on their team, Kayla wanted to focus on science for the science fair, while the rest of the team seems to spend all of their time focusing on the skit that they wanted to perform. Midas Touch Attack has their own share of conflict with some accusations that not everyone is pulling their weight.

After 24 hours the teams went head to head in front of the panel of judges. Midas Touch Attack started out strong with a solid science presentation but at the climax of their presentation Jack misplaces the copper ring that was to be thrown into Mordor to set off their reaction. The Titans of Rigel had a flawless presentation and skit despite their struggles and despite the fact that they never had a chance to fully test their experiment. In the end the judges selected the Titans of Rigel as the winning team. Their reward was to spend time with Bill Nye the Science Guy!

Midas Touch Attack was sent off to select one of their members to go into the Nerd-Off the following day. In the Throne Room, Titans of Rigel select Josh to go into the Nerd-Off and Midas Tough Attack send Zack into the Nerd-Off. After a display that showed everyone in the room just how disruptive their team work was, Zack and Josh went head to head in an Alien Dissection Nerd-Off. Zack wins sending Josh home and joining his team once again. 


Kayla's Tidbits -

Check back soon for some stories and a take on the episode from my point of view!  (KL 8/11/2015)