Synopsis - 

  • Nerd War: The teams are challenged to a live action role-playing competition, requiring them to incorporate the same four characters into their performances: a warrior, a spell singer, a bard, and a monk. Each team must build costumes, create mythologies, and showcase their LARP in front of several judges, including actor Kevin Sorbo, cosplayer Yaya Han, and Napoleon Dynamite star Jon Heder.
    • Reward: The winning team enjoys an interactive dinner show at Pirate's Dinner Adventure.
  • Nerd-Off: Two nerds compete in a turn-based, strategy game called "BattleHammer". Each competitor is allowed to select an aide-de-camp from either team. The game begins with each player secretly placing 23 units on a grid according to their designated starting configurations, similar to Battleship. Each turn, the contestants roll a die to determine the number of moves they can make; they can then choose to either defend by moving their individual units, or attack by guessing the positions of their opponent's units. The game ends when a player loses all of their units.


Results - 

It is the start of episode three; Midas Touch Attack is a Nerd down and struggling with personality conflicts while the Titans of Rigel are feeling unified and confident. Curtis and Bobby call the Nerds out to introduce this week’s Nerd War - LARPing; Live Action Role Play. The two teams are given 4 characters, a war room full of costumes, and 24 hours to build their own universe. The teams will be judged on performance, story, and costumes.

The Titans of Rigel have to first select one of their members to sit out this week since they have 5 nerds. The team decides to sit Kayla out. The rest of the Titans jump into the challenge with the same glitter and zealousness that they had with their science fair skit, they felt ready to impress the judges and win another Nerd War. On the other side of Nerdvana, Midas Touch Attack worked through team conflicts to pull together and create a story and costumes for their fantasy world.

The two teams battle it out at the amphitheater in front of the judges. First on an individual level where each character is judged against the other teams matching character. Then the teams preformed their LARP’s for the scrutiny of the Judges. Once again the Titans of Rigel are victorious and head off to spend dinner at a live action pirates show and spend time with the pirates learning the finer art of stage sword fighting.

The following day the Nerds assemble and the tributes are selected for this week’s Nerd-Off. The Titans of Rigel send Mary Kate into the challenge, while Midas Touch Attack chooses Zack to go into the Nerd-Off.  It has become very obvious to the Titans of Rigel that Zack is a disruptive force and makes it difficult for team Midas to work together. The majority rule on the team voted to keep Zack in the game at all cost.

Mary-Kate and Zack take to a life size board game of Battle Hammer to determine the victor. In the end, Zack barely manages the win and sends Mary-Kate home. 




Kayla's Tidbits - 

Check back soon for some stories and a take on the episode from my point of view!  (KL 8/11/2015)