Synopsis -

  • Nerd War: Each team is required to build four robots to battle in a game of dodgeball. The robots are first judged on their creativity and execution by Matt Winston, co-founder of the Stan Winston School of Character Arts. The team with the robots deemed the least impressive loses one of them for the challenge. During the dodgeball portion, one team maneuvers their robots around the court while the other team attempts to tag them out by throwing dodgeballs. The team with the fastest overall time after four rounds wins.
    • Reward: Each member of the winning team earns $1,000 worth of RadioShack gear.
  • Nerd-Off: Two contestants face off in a zombified version of KerPlunk. The players take turns pulling out large wooden stakes, dropping body parts to the zombies below. The first player to accidentally release 150 body parts to the zombies is eliminated from the competition.


Results - 

Episode four is upon us, we are at the half way mark. So far we have lost three Nerds – Kelsey, Josh, and Mary-Kate. This has left the teams lopsided with the Titans of Rigel at 5 Nerds and on a two Nerd War winning streak, and Midas Touch Attack sitting at three Nerds. The challenge this week is Robot Dodgeball! Each team has to build 4 robots to be graded on creativity and design, and then the Nerds have to take turns driving their robots while the other team takes aim with dodgeballs trying to take them out. Before the teams get started, one member of the Titans of Rigel has to move over to the other team to even up the numbers. Katie was the unlucky draw and was sent to the other team.

Midas Touch Attack set out to win their first Nerd War by designing 4 robots along the lines of the old Battle Bots TV show. The Titans of Rigel, looking to keep their streak alive, decide to make robots that reflect their own hobbies and interests.

The two teams meet the next day on the Dodgeball field. They present their robots to the judge who selects Titans of Rigel as the winning team. This will give them a 1 robot advantage in the Dodgeball section of the competition. Jack’s robot was deemed the least of show and was destroyed by NerdBot.  Kayla’s Mars Robot was selected as the judge’s personal favorite.

The Titans were able to keep the lead and the ultimate win once the dodgeball section commenced. Giving the Titans their 3rd straight win and each member of the team took home a large box of Radio Shack goodies!

The Nerd-Off the next day was a life-size version of Kerplunk, however, this version was zombie style! The first player to drop 150 body parts was sent home. Once again, Midas Touch Attack sent Zack into the Nerd-Off, while the Titans of Rigel sent Nicole in. In another CLOSE game, Zack sneaked out yet another win, sending Nicole away from Nerdvana.

And then there were 7.


Kayla's Tidbits - 

Check back soon for some stories and a take on the episode from my point of view!  (KL 8/11/2015)