Synopsis -

  • Nerd War: Three members from each team compete in a debate about Star Wars vs. Star Trek, judged by University of Southern California debate director Gordon Stables, comedian Kumail Nanjiani, and actor Billy Dee Williams. The team that successfully defends two out of three topics wins.
    • Reward: The winning team has dinner with the original cast of Revenge of the Nerds, including Brian Tochi, Larry B. Scott, Julia Montgomery, and hosts Carradine and Armstrong.
  • Nerd-Off: Two contestants' vocabulary and spelling skills are tested in a spelling bee competition. The hosts read off definitions of words prevalent in the "nerd universe". The first person to hit their buzzer must identify the word and spell it. Every correct answer earns the player one point, while every incorrect answer gives the opponent one point. In addition, the two nerds competing must select two other contestants to receive an electric shock for every incorrect answer. The first player to reach five points is safe from elimination.


Results - 

The topics and debaters. 

The topics and debaters. 

This week we join the nerds for a classic style debate. The topic, Star Trek vs Star Wars. Midas Touch Attack wins the draw and has the opportunity to select which topic they would represent in the debate. In an almost shocking turn, Midas Touch Attack selects Star Wars, giving the Titans of Rigel, three of whom are die-hard Trekkies, Star Trek. While the majority of the Titans are confident, Kayla, their most expert Star Trek fan is nervous. Debate is not a style of presentation that she is comfortable with and she feels an enormous amount of pressure to perform not for her own sake, or for her teams, but for Trek fans all over the world. Midas Touch Attack also finds that they are facing a slight disadvantage when they discover that one of their team mates has NEVER seen either Star Trek or Star Wars.

With only three hours of prep time the two teams meet on the stage in front of a packed house and a panel of Judges. The first debate we see is Katie v Kayla with their topic “Who would win in a dog-fight? The Millennium Falcon or the USS Enterprise?” Katie takes home the point for Midas Touch Attack. Next up Chris faces Zack with their topic “Who is a more dangerous? The Borg or the Imperial Force?” Chris takes the win on this debate tying up the teams. With one debate left, Brian faced off against Jack with their topic of “Who has the better universe? Star trek or Star Wars?” While it started out as a close debate, Jack let slip that he had never seen the shows and had no information on which to answer a judge's question. Brian was able to hold off Jack and bring home the winning point for the Titans of Rigel. Four wins in a row!

While the Titans go off to have dinner with the cast of Revenge of the Nerds, Midas Touch Attack is left alone to decide who is going into the Nerd-Off. A lot of debate takes place, with Katie not being considered a true member of the yellow team. She ends up outnumbered and voted into the challenge despite being the only memeber of their team to score a point in the Nerd War. The Titans of Rigel send Jack into the Nerd-Off hoping to give Katie the easier opponent. The Nerd-Off this week was another classic school experience for all nerds, a spelling-bee. In the end, Jack’s cramming pays off and he wins, sending Katie home.  

And then there were 6 – and only one of them is a girl. 



Kayla's Tidbits - 

Check back soon for some stories and a take on the episode from my point of view!  (KL 8/11/2015)