Synopsis -  

  • Nerd War: Two members from each team are tasked with navigating a laser maze to save guest star George Takei. One contestant must verbally guide their teammate, who is unable to see the lasers due to their spectrum-blocking goggles, through the maze. Once past the maze, the teams are required to answer a math question in order to unlock Takei's cell. The teams suffer a one-minute time delay for every tripped laser, in which the contestants must remain frozen in place. Every incorrect answer to the math problem incurs a 30-second time penalty. The team that successfully frees Takei from his cell wins.
    • Reward: The winning team visits the special effects studio Legacy Effects.
  • Nerd-Off: Two nerds battle in an intergalactic target shooting challenge. The players must first answer science fiction-related trivia questions; for every correct answer, the players earn 40 rounds of ammo to shoot down as many spaceship targets of varying point value as possible. The nerd with the highest score after six rounds is declared the winner.
    • Note: Following the Nerd-Off, teams are officially dissolved and subsequent Nerd Wars become individual challenges.


Results - 

Down to six Nerds this week, five boys and one girl, four Titans of Rigel, and only two Midas Touch Attack-ers. Can the Titans of Rigel keep up their domination? Can Zack and Jack find a way to work together as a team? Can the Nerds save George Takei?! This week’s challenge pits the two teams against each other in a Mission Impossible style lazar maze. Once the teams complete the maze, they then have to solve a math problem to unlock the cage and rescue the beloved nerd icon, George Takei.

The Titans of Rigel start this challenge off the same way they always do, with a Vulcan coldness brought on by unity, being relaxed, and letting logic control their actions. Midas Touch Attack approaches the challenge with resolve and emotion, like two teammates desperate not to lose, again. The Titans of Rigel never saw it coming; they never expected the emotions to win over their cool collectiveness. So in the end, not only did Midas Touch Attack give them their first true loss, they blew the Titans out of the solar system! The Midas Touch Attack team, Jack and Zack, rescue George Takei and as a prize, leave Nerdvana to take a tour of Legacy Effects sstudios.  

The Titans on the other hand are left in an awkward position that they have not faced in many weeks. They now must select a team mate to go into the next Nerd-Off. At first it seems like the team was going to vote for Kayla, but she was not ready to have that happen. After playing the politics and playing the cards that were dealt, Kayla managed to twist the votes and the team sent Brian into the Nerd-Off. Midas Touch Attack voted Chris into the Nerd-Off.

Brian and Chris went head-to-head in a sci-fi trivia competition, each question answered correctly allowed them a chance to sit behind the tactical station and skeet shoot some star ships out of the sky to earn their points. It was a close game, but Brian came out ahead, sending Chris away from Nerdvana while he stayed to fight another day.

With only five Nerds left, the competition becomes real. Curtis and Bobby announce that the teams are no more and from this moment on, its Nerd on Nerd. 




Kayla's Tidbits - 

Check back soon for some stories and a take on the episode from my point of view!  (KL 8/11/2015)