Synopsis -

  • Nerd War: The contestants compete in a kart racing challenge inspired by Tron and Mario Kart. The players are awarded points based on their placement in the race. In addition, the players can drive over bonus stars that are randomly lit around the race track in order to receive bonus points. The contestant with the highest score after twelve laps wins.
    • Reward: The winner, and a player of their choice, receive telepresence robots from Double Robotics worth roughly $2,000 each.
  • Nerd-Off: Two nerds compete in a real-life game of Angry Birds. The players must first build miniature structures which, when scaled up to life-sized proportions, can withstand a barrage of projectiles. Once the structures have been built up to scale, the players take turns shooting at each other's creations using air cannons. The first person to knock down three balls from their opponent's structure wins.


Results - 

It is the start of a new competition now. With the teams dissolved the Nerds all must competition alone. With no clue what they face next, Curtis and Bobby call the Nerds out to the courtyard for the introduction of this week’s individual Nerd War – Live Gaming. The challenge will pit each nerd against each other in a Tron meets Mario Karts style race. While Kayla is delighted at this challenge some of the guys are not as sure. Take Zack for an example, while he is a strong competitive computer gamer, he does not have a driver’s licenses and does not know how to operate a car. This shall make for an interesting race.

 After 3 hours to prepare – the five remaining Nerds donned their Tron suits and entered the game grid. They found their custom Nerdio-karts in their randomly selected pole positions. The Nerds would then have to race the track for 12 laps. The Nerds will receive points based on their finishing place.

However; there is a twist. Winning the race in 1st position is not enough to win the race. During the course of the race, stars will appear on the track. Extra bonus points will be given to the Nerd who is able to cross over a star. If you manage to score enough extra points, it is possible to take over the lead and win the game.


Kayla starts out in 4th position and wastes little time in taking the lead (the start of the 2nd lap). Once in the lead Kayla was able to keep a dominating lead over the boys. Zack, who started in first pole position, finds himself struggling with the kart and fights with Brian to stay out of last place.

In the end, Kayla passed the finish line with over 7 seconds of lead time over 2nd place Xander. The stars were tallied and Kayla walked away with a total of 7 stars. Over all Kayla has a dominating with a total of 6750 points. As the winner, Kayla received a Double Telepresence Robot and immunity from this week’s Nerd-Off. Kayla will be in the Final Four. Kayla also is given a 2nd robot to give to one of the other Nerds (She picked Xander) and the power to send a nerd into the Nerd-Off.

Now it was time for the 4 remaining Nerds to play the social game. They have to avoid the vote from each other as well as keep Kayla from voting for them.

The next day in the throne room, Kayla sends Jack into the Nerd-off. The 4 other nerds find themselves in a split - 2 votes for Zack and 2 votes for Brian. As this weeks Nerd War winner, Kayla is the tie breaker. She votes for Zack, thus sending the final two Midas Touch Attackers into the Nerd-Off.

In keeping with the theme of the week, the challenge is a round of Angry Nerds. Both Nerds will have to build their own walls, protecting a set of balls from their opponent’s barrage of cannon fire. While Zack ran off and prepared for the challenge alone, Kayla helped Jack as much as she could. In the end, Jack scored the final blow and took Zack out of the competition and banishing him from Nerdvana. 


Kayla's Tidbits -

Check back soon for some stories and a take on the episode from my point of view!  (KL 8/11/2015)