Synopsis - 

  • Nerd War: The contestants compete in a quiz bowl based on various nerd topics. The first two competitors to answer five questions correctly earn a spot in the final Nerd-Off.
    • Reward: None     <---- Technically, what we really got was 24 more hours of intense stress and nerves 
  • Nerd-Off: The final two nerds compete in the "Nerdliminator", a gauntlet of eight "mental games" consisting of a mathematical puzzle, string puzzle, sliding puzzle, logic puzzle, Sudoku, cryptogram, word search, and Pac-Man. The finalists must petition the banished nerds to pledge their allegiance towards them; the eliminated contestants then choose which finalist to help during the challenge. The players have 20 minutes to complete as many games as possible, and may call for help from their supporters a total of three times. In the end, the player with the most correct answers is crowned "King of the Nerds".


Results - 

It has come down to this. The final episode. Four Nerds left standing.  This week they waste no time and throw the Nerds into the challenges first thing. Curtis and Bobby call the final four nerds out into the courtyard where they are treated to an unexpected surprise. At that very moment they would battle it out and two of them would fall. This final group challenge is a trivia bowl and the first two Nerds to reach 5 points make it into the final round. The two Nerds that fail to make it to 5 points will be going home.

The Nerds take turns selecting topics and difficulty levels. Topics range from Comics Books, Video Games, Science, Math, and more. Each Nerd tries to select the topics that they know well and hope that those around them do not. Kayla starts out strong before hitting a wall. This allows Jack to speed past all the other competition and become the first Nerd to score 5 points. Kayla, Xander, and Brian are all neck and next as the competition heats up for the last spot. It was a close competition but Kayla makes the grade and scores 5 points and takes the final spot for the next round, beating out her former team mates Xander and Brian.


Before Jack and Kayla can move into the final round they have a task to fulfill. They must forge a team of counsel from the fallen nerds, and party, a lot of partying will occur as the banished Nerds return to Nerdvana.

The next day the Nerds pledge their allegiance to one of the two finalists. One Team Jack we have Mary Kate, Zack, Kelsey, and Josh. On team Kayla we have Nicole, Chris, Xander, Brian, and Nicole.  Now the Nerds must enter the final challenge. The Nerdliminator.

The Nerdliminator is a wheel of 8 challenges. Whoever completes the most challenges in 20 mins will win the game. The challenges are Level 1 Pacman, a Logic puzzle, Sudoku, Word Search, Math problem, A rope puzzle, a cipher,  a periodic table slider puzzle. Kayla and Jack are able to use up to 3 of their nerd council members to help them finish the problems.



In the end Kayla scores 5 correct puzzles over jack’s 4. Kayla wins the nerdliminator! Kayla is the King of the Nerds and wins the right to sit atop the Throne of Games! 




Kayla's Tidbits - 

Check back soon for some stories and a take on the episode from my point of view!  (KL 8/11/2015)