Synopsis - 

  • Nerd War: The teams, predetermined by hosts Carradine and Armstrong, construct steampunk-themed Rube Goldberg machines designed to reveal their official team names. If any interactions fail during their presentations, the teams are allowed to reset their machines up to three times. The contraptions are evaluated on their functionality, engineering, and creativity by a judging panel consisting of Syyn Labs president Adam Sadowsky, whose company built the Rube Goldberg machine featured in the music video for "This Too Shall Pass" by OK Go, actress and book author Danica McKellar, and actor and writer Michael McMillian.
    • Reward: Each member of the winning team earns a Comic Con survival kit from ThinkGeek.
  • Nerd-Off: Two players compete in a trivia challenge involving anime, manga, and kaiju. For every correct answer, the contestants, dressed as giant monsters, get to rampage through a section of a miniature city named "Little Little Tokyo". The first person to successfully answer four questions and destroy the factory in the final sector wins.


Results - 

It is a tradition on King of the Nerds to kill off the winner from the previous season before the new season starts. At the start of season 3 we join Kayla on Mars. It seems that Kayla hitched a ride on a space ship and found herself alone on Mars. With oxygen deprivation and “space madness” taking over, Kayla goes Joker on Nerdvana, sending a laser death ray beam to destroy Nerdvana. In a last min attempt to save Nerdvana, the elder nerds manage to seal the Throne of Games in a below ground bunker before Kayla could destroy it.  Kayla dies on Mars leaving the throne unoccupiedgiving 12 new nerds a chance to battle it out in season 3. Who will claim the crown? 

You will have to watch to find out. 




Kayla's Tidbits - 

Check back soon for some stories and a take on the episode from my point of view!  (KL 8/11/2015)